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Picture of a German Roach, How to Kill RoachesAdult German cockroaches are small to medium (1/2 to 5/8-inch long), pale brown or tan, with two parallel black streaks on the pronotum (shield-like segment behind the head). The adult males are narrower than the females. Both sexes have wings but rarely fly. German cockroach nymphs are 1/8-inch long when they hatch and are almost uniformly dark except for a light area on the back of the second and third segments. As they grow, this light area becomes larger. As mature nymphs they have two parallel black streaks separated by a light tan area.


German cockroaches are the most common and prolific household insect found in the United States. The pest is usually found infesting the kitchen or bathroom, but has the ability to live in any portion of any heated structure. They are usually found in dark, secluded harborage areas such as cupboards, behind cabinets, in wall voids or around motor housings in appliances.

The adult female produces four to eight light brown egg capsules in her lifetime. Each capsule is about 1/4-inch long and contains 30 to 40 eggs. The female carries the egg capsule partially within her abdomen until just before the nymphs are ready to emerge. If the egg capsule is dropped prematurely the developing roaches will die of dehydration. The nymphs emerge from the egg capsule in 28 to 30 days and they feed and live in the same areas as the adults. The nymphs will molt six to seven times before becoming adults. There are three to four generations per year with each generation averaging three months. With ample food and moisture one female is capable of producing over a million descendents in a year. German cockroaches feed on all types of food, wood, soap and just about anything else with nutritive value found in a home.

German cockroaches are nighttime insects. They remain hidden in dark, secluded harborage areas in the day. German cockroaches and their egg capsules can be brought into homes in boxes, cartons, grocery and produce bags, household items and children's book bags from school. German cockroaches carry disease organisms on their bodies which can be transferred from garbage, filth, and decaying organic matter to food, dishes, and kitchen utensils. Contamination results from spots of regurgitated food and fecal matter on household items. IF THEY ARE SEEN DURING DAYLIGHT IT IS A SURE SIGN THAT A TREMENDOUS POPULATION EXISTS. German cockroaches like to congregate together in their harborages, but if the population becomes too large they will be forced to move out of the safest areas for new places to start another infestation.

Roach Control

Sanitation is the cornerstone of effective, long lasting German cockroach control. Light infestations are common in homes although heavy, continuing infestations are usually associated with sloppy housekeeping. Food material must be eliminated as much as possible and harborage areas sealed where possible. Residual insecticides, dusts, baits and growth regulators are necessary to control existing populations and to prevent their recurrence.

Orthene Pellets is a very strong concentrate that is mixed with water and sprayed with a Chapin pump-up type sprayer. The Orthene Pellets have a strong rotten egg odor that will smell for approximately a week. You can reduce the smell by mixing it with Odorcide. The use of Gentrol growth regulator mixed with the Orthene Pellets or used separately will break the reproduction cycle of the roaches. You can also use the Orthene Aerosol and Gentrol Point Source if you prefer not to mix anything with water. Invader Aerosol can be used for mild problems. Cessco 5E Aerosol can be used for flushing and will kill on contact.

Drione Dust is an excellent pyrethrin and silica gel dust that can be applied in wall voids and areas where a liquid or aerosol is not acceptable. A Hand Duster will be needed to apply the dust.

The Maxforce Roach Gel Bait is the leading bait on the market. It is odorless and when used in conjunction with Gentrol Point Source it is a great method to eliminate German cockroaches.

A new and improved gel bait on the market is the Advion Roach Gel Bait. Advion cockroach gel bait is a new, high-performing product targeting all pest species of cockroaches. Advion roach gel is based on a new active ingredient - indoxacarb. Cockroach species controlled, but not limited to: German Roaches, American Roaches, Australian Roaches, Brown Roaches, Smokybrown Roaches, Oriental Roaches, Brownbanded Roaches and Asian Roaches.

This unique product combines a novel, high-consumption bait matrix with a potent, non-repellent active ingredient. Cockroaches cannot resist this superior combination and even the toughest populations are quickly controlled!


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