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Maggots on the ceiling

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Posted by Annie Boucher on November 23, 2003 at 19:03:09:

A week ago, we've noticed some maggots crawling on the kitchen ceiling, with no apparent direction. There is no cluster that I can see that would allow me to identify the source. After the initial disgust, we started a regimen of "vacuuming" the ceiling with the Shopvac twice a day.

I suspect that there could be a dead mouse in the attic, because I had "visitors" under the sink earlier this year and I started using rat poison. I read since then that, contrary to popula belief, mice that consume rodenticide do not dry out and die outside, but very often will cralw to the attic to die and get covered in maggots, that will in turn leave the corpse to go complete their metamorphosis somewhere else.

What am I supposed to do? I am disgusted to a point that I cannot convey here. The idea of crawling into the attic to find a corpse covered in larva is not the least appealing, but I can't be vacuuming the ceiling everyday for the rest of my life!!!


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