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Do Bedbugs ever go away?!!!!!!

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Posted by Jay on July 02, 2003 at 10:45:23:

ok back in december, my brother and I discovered we had bed bugs. We sprayed all our bed parts, bottom half of our walls and baseboards, washed all our clothing and linen, and even went as far as throwing away our mattreses and slept on the floor. I soon learned that our neighbors below us had been evicted for the apartment owner had the police enter the suite and discovered they had a huge infestation of bedbugs.
The neighbors were also over-crowded (5 people in a 2 bdrm apartment) I noticed other neighbors tossing out mattresses and such as well.
Well the problem didnt end, we kept hearing a noise within the wall (maybe mice) and the bedbugs came back even worse. We decided to start sleeping in a different room (living room) but that still never helped. They eventually followed us there.
We then decided the only other solution was to hand in our notice after weeks of very little sleep.
We threw away any chairs or couches or materials that might have carried them to our new place. The only things we kept were our dressers.
We wanted to do the move ASAP because it was still winter and wanted to freeze any bugs that might survive the disinfecting i did to our dressers and desks. Having the wood furniture still soaked from disinfectint, we let them sit out in the cold for a good hour or 2 before bring them into the new place.
We double bagged all our clothing and bedding cept what was on our backs. At the new place we put all the bagged clothing out on the balchony to let them freeze.
the only items we did bring inside the new place, was our dressers and desks. having taken all the precauions we could afford, I thought this would finally rid of them. Uh Uh...
5 days ago i found a bedbug biting me on the neck and it woke me as i felt it. It was engorged with my blood. I quickly killed it and tried to go back to sleep. later that day we moved everything of material out on the balchony. (Thank God for a large balchony here). That night before bed i found another bedbug on the wall that i quickly killed as well. We have washed our linen again and even put pine-sol in our wash.
Last night i found another bedbug on the wall as well.
I have vacuumed the room 3 times this week and they just wont leave. Am I doomed with this nightmare of bedbugs?
I think they are climbing the walls coz the baseboards here are well sealed.
I heard daddy-longlegs eat bedbugs. Should i infest the room with them instead?
I feel so hopeless against the fight against bedbugs.
Im about tready to just leave everything i own and move again. Can a bug really ruin someones life this badly??

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