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Devon, Clover mites don't eat fungi

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Posted by belok on May 07, 2003 at 01:53:09:

In Reply to: Re: CLOVER MITE INVASION-3rd Degree! posted by Craig Dunigan on April 28, 2003 at 20:14:56:

Clover mites feed on the sap of plants, i.e. clover (like their name implies), they are most common on well fertilized succulent grass right up against the foundation. Spraying is short lived without addressing the cause. You are just addressing the sysmptoms when you reach for the pesticide. Instead take the time to correct the cause of the problem, the grass right against the foundation, the over use of fertilizer, the gaps in the window, a tube of caulking and some weather stripping does wanders.
: Thank you SO much for identifying these things and guiding me. I've been doing all the wrong things -- obviously it hasn't helped. It looks like a big job, but at least now I'll be moving in the right direction. They've gotten into closets, storage boxes, carpets, beds, even my damn printer! What does a bug want with a laser printer?! Anyway, I'll get right to work, and thanks again!

: : My sympathies to you. When those tiny red bugs come indoors, you have what is known as a "third degree" clover mite infestation, which is as bad as it gets.
: : These tiny bugs normally live outdoors in moist areas, eating minute bits of tiny fungi and algae that grow on the soil, in dead leaves, under ornamental rock and gravel, under roof shingles, and around siding.
: : Clover mites are very common in the outdoor environment. It is only when they have successfully grown their population to the point of crowding, that they come indoors out of desperation, only to find no food and hostile occupants.
: : Spraying is the best treatment for Clover Mites. This site sells Tempo, which you can use on the outside of your house. Baygon aerosol and Cykick spray (sold elsewhere) give good indoor control.
: : Good luck with your problem, and check out the link below:

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