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Re: tiny tiny black and brown worm-like bugs are everywhere

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Posted by AntikueChick on April 16, 2003 at 16:27:20:

In Reply to: Re: tiny tiny black and brown worm-like bugs are everywhere posted by Jeannie Cardone on February 12, 2003 at 10:16:51:

: : I too have small black, grey, and brown bugs that everyone so far believes are debris or material. They are not!! They have infested the entire home and all of my clothing and now I have some form of worms or parasites under my skin that are making me lose wait and are prevalent in my stool.

: : I've had a stool sample sent out by doctor and am awaiting results. I've left the home but unfortnately the bugs traveled to my new temporary location and I am just terrified for the curreny family I am staying with.

: : Who can diagnose these?. Even exterminator so far could not. Please help.

: We've had the same problem with black and reddish brown specks around our kitchen and bathroom sinks. Everytime I stand at my kitchen or bathroom sknks I feel like I'm getting zapped by little no-see-ums. Some of the sores can really bleed. I have been zapped on my face,arms,scalp neck. back, front of my lega,and ankles.

: We have two cats which twitch, lick, and jump around after they have been in our closets and in my craft/sewing supplies.

: I thing it could be a web-casing moth or a bird mite of some kind. The moth larvae spins a cocoon of loose threads and string. This new litle carry his new home from feeding to feeding.
: I think that's why I find fuzzballs all over my clothes, car, purse, furniture and coming out of the air vents.
: My skin has been breaking out for a year now. I still am baffled by these little skin burrowing creatures. I'd start to heal, so I'd clean my hous only to get bitten again and feel the white things under my skin again. I'll let you know if I find anything out.
: Jeannie
I started to notice these speck that vary in color from the brown to the black. Thy were always multiplying every where. You clean thm they will return the next day they also multiply fast.Some you can remove with tweezers, " The small dots " it hurts a little and may bleed. The bigger ones are black they are tiny and very painfull to remove, also causing scarring. I noticed it when I put Hydrogene proxide and they bubbled up and you could see the black head- thin line. I just started looking for web site matches today. It seems they mainly have web sites for animals and not one that will show what they might lok like to the nake eye on a human am. You would really have to be looking. I have alot of moles so the spots blended well they sort of were brown or light brown but the bug is black thin and painful to remove. ..Keep me informed.. Friends think I'm nuts

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