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Re: tiny bugs in bathroom-I may have the same ones

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Posted by Tim on March 05, 2003 at 08:09:27:

In Reply to: Re: tiny bugs in bathroom-I may have the same ones posted by Sarah on May 01, 2002 at 21:47:16:

I also have these bugs in the bathroom. They are so small you almost do not notice them. Sometimes you have to look twice. They are definitely not silverfish. They dont have the right shape for ants, i would say they look more like tiny little footballs.

We had our exterminator take a look this morning and he was stumped for a bit, before he decided that they were dust mites. I guess dust mites are attracted to the humidity. Still I am not certain he was very sure about his diagnosis.

From what I have read, there is very little that can be done about dust mites, you can basically replace your carpets and hope for the best. Frequent vaccuming is supposed to help, but we vaccum very frequently, and I think there is no evidence that this has any long term effect.

it is odd to me that we would notice dust mites in the bathroom and not anywhere else if they live in the carpet. anyway, just thought I would pass the "dust mite" theory along :)


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