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Re: Tiny flea like black bugs are multiplying and spreading

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Posted by Joe on August 15, 2002 at 20:50:29:

In Reply to: Re: Tiny flea like black bugs are multiplying and spreading posted by Du on July 10, 2002 at 17:00:18:

: : : : : : : : : : Ok...so these are smaller than ants...but they act like fleas and seem to look a bit like tiny fleas...so I used a flea bomb...no effect whatsoever. Used ant spray and it seems to work..on them directly. So I guess ant traps are next. I have sprinkle borateem everywhere in hopes of dehydrating them. After the bomb...the sill had literally something like 100...all very much moving and apparently alive. There were dozens in the toilet..and I found them on the kitchen floor and everywhere...god they are getting in my bed...Help...what will kill them???

: : : : : : : : : Hey, I've been checking some pest identification sites to see what is going on at my house when I ran into this forum. We have the same problem. It seemed to start with a few, but yes they seem to be multiplying like crazy. I actually just had my pest control guy stop by for the regular spraying for ants. They were gone for a couple of days, but now it seems worse than before! We have a home on a cement slab and a cement patio out back. It seemed to me that is where it started. I have tried to think about what we did when it started. We actually used some weed & feed on our lawn in the front and back recently, so now I am thinking that might be it, but I am just trying to find some explanation! Yes, these things are very small and actually are really light to darker in color depending on the size. They have two antennas and from what I can tell six legs. They crawl outside near my sliding doors and were starting to come inside. Now inside they are on the floor and on the walls and I find a few in my sink and vanity. They actually will jump when trying to rinse them away. It sounds very similar to your problem and I am hoping someone will be able to tell us what this insect is! I am starting to itch just writing about this! By the way, I watered my lawn the other day and now it seems like the place is crawling more so than before! Funny thing is, I only see them at the back of my house (west side).

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : I have just returned from a weeks vacation to find my kitchen and dining room are infested with these little creatures. I am freaking out because I have no idea what to do. I had been itching like crazy just thinking it was dry skin on my ankles. I saw them first on the kitchen floor, then when I began to look around they are on the dishwasher top, the kitchen sink , all over the kitchen floor and moving into the dining room. HHHHHEEELLLLPPPP! I hate bugs and I have an infant that crawls on the floor!!!!! What are these nasty things? They are everywhere. My house is built on a lake and my husband cut some brush down just before we left. I am wondering if that may have sent them inside????? I just want my house back to myself.

: : : : : : It's me again. I have removed my potted plants from my patio area and found a bunch of them underneath the pot. I also have a empty coffee tin outside on my cement area for our cigarette buts and they were underneath there as well. This indicates to me they like to hide. A previous response indicated these might be springtails, but from what I have read about springtails they don't quite fit the description. I asked my exterminator to come back in the hope that he can identify them for me and I'll let you know if he can tell me and whether there is anythng he can do about it! In the mean time all I know to do is suck them up with my vacuum!

: : : : : We have the same type of problems with these bugs. But so far no bites. Just thousands of bugs. Help!

: : : I am in California - they may be flea beetles. Try checking out a website for their description.

: I'm having the same problem with these little bugs. My problem started out in the basement...I bombed the basement twice...the would go away for a few days and be back again. I then sprayed the basement with 2 gallons of insecticide but the bugs would disappear for only a few days and then reappear. Does anyone have any idea what these annyoing bugs are?

okay, i too have caught a couple little black jumping bugs around my new apartment. i have found them on my bed and a couple times crawling on me! i have what appear to be tons of mosquito bites all over my legs and some on my arms. do these little things bite? have the bitten anyone? i don't see lots of them everywhere, just a few every now and then. when someone knows what they are can the let me know? is this something that needs to be looked at by a doc too?

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