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Tiny flea like black bugs are multiplying and spreading

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Posted by Virginia on March 31, 2002 at 05:00:14:

I found one or two little black bugs that could jump like a flea...but I know what normal fleas look like and these were quite tiny by comparison. I killed them and dismissed it...then found some in the tub and sink...within a week, it seemed my bathroom was infested and soon I started to see them elsewhere and found large numbers of dead ones floating in the toilet (obvious water lovers)...but now I find them in bed, on the desk, on the window sill, and on me. I have had many itchy bumps that have not been healing properly and now I am suspicious it is these bugs and they are having a population explosion. Yikes... I am spraying everything and going nuts. Anyone know what these miniature jumping bugs are...are they are miniature form of flea or something and why start in the bathroom and why have they explored to be everywhere????? Help.

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