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tiny black (and white) bugs found in bedroom (walls, bed, etc.)

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Posted by Melanie on February 22, 2008 at 12:13:08:

I came to this site to find out who may have info on tiny black, oval shaped bugs that show up in my bedrooms. I searched other sites for pictures of such a bug and located what I think it is--Carpet Beetles. They are frequently found in bedrooms as they feed on natural fiber (i.e. wool, flannel, fur)and I guess live along the walls in the carpet. Treatment includes moth balls in sealed storage boxes housing such fibers and a thorough cleaning of the rooms they inhabit. Apparently cedar is not a strong enough deterent. May be hard to rid clothes of the moth ball smell so beware. Professional treament may be necessary if you have a severe infestation. Perhaps these are your pests too. Good luck.

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