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Mosquitoes that will just not go away

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Posted by MiamiCuse on July 08, 2007 at 00:21:31:

For the last two months I have been battling this mosquito problem at a new property I purchased in Miami, Florida. It rains a lot here, hot and humid and I am the kind that if I stand in a crowd of ten people, the mosquitoes will attack me and no one else.

I don't know why, but there are a few spots near my house that mosquitoes seem to like to hang out. One spot is outside the corner of my garage, and the other is outside the front door. Both spots are covered by an overhanging eave and stay dark even at noon.

I initially tried the Cutter fogger spray on those spot, and it seemed to work for an hour or two before they come back. Then I tried some insect control spray I purchased at Home Depot which states that it will kill flying insects and will stay "effective" for three months. I sprayed down my front door and garage doors, and they don't seem to work. As a matter of fact as I sprayed I saw a swarm of mosquitoes and sprayed on them, I don't see them dropping when the mist hit them. That was totally useless.

They I got a Stinger "zapper" with a mosquito lure that is supposed to kill and clear mosquitoes within an acre. Well I only wanted it to clear the 7'x7' area near my front door. I hung it there for 8 hours, and I walked out periodically to check it. As I get close to inspect it, I can hear mosquitoes near my left year and right year "zzzzmmmmmmm....mmmmmmm.....zzzzzzummmmmm..." and they are not getting close to the zapper at all. Next I got a big candle which claims to repel mosquitoes because it has this "citronella oil" and same thing, I was working outside near the garage door, I put that candle there and hope that I can work on my pump without being bothered and they attacked me with the candle burning right next to it.

Now, it's getting personal, I am on a mission, I need to get rid of them, for good...what can I do?

I have over 20 bites and my son has 8 bites just from this afternoon being outside.

And there are no standing water or puddle near where they swarm.

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