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pinhead sized bugs in bathroom

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Posted by mack on May 30, 2007 at 13:48:17:

About three days ago I noticed some small bugs in my bathroom. They're scattered out, and don't often cluster up in big groups. However, each time I wipe them off, they return like clock work. They've been congregating on the top of my toilet, around my sink, in my tub, and around the light switch. The floor, most of the walls, and the door seem totally free of them.

They're rather resilient. They move at a moderate speed, like ants, and are the size of a pin head, maybe a little bit larger. From what I can tell they are red or brownish, and have very small legs around the body, mostly in front, with two antennas that are about twice the size of the legs, but still very short. The antennas are really the only noticeable feature on them. They love to cling to things, making them a pain to get off the skin once they latch on. I've been scrubbing my body, head to toe, to ensure that they don't get on me.

At first I thought it was scabies or body lice, although I'm a generally clean person. However, it's been more than three days and they seem to be able to survive without a human body to cling to. And since they are so small, I'm having a very hard time figuring out just what the hell these pests are.

If anyone can shed any light onto my situation, it would be a big help. Thanks.

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