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Re: Long Black worms in shower

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Posted by alyson on June 30, 2006 at 09:48:28:

In Reply to: Re: Long Black worms in shower posted by alyson on June 30, 2006 at 09:28:21:

: Hi, I read your inquiry and I was just wondering if anyone had informed you as to what these things are??? The past 2 mornings I have ALSO found little black worm things in the floor of our shower -It has FREAKED me out -they are not as long though, mine are the exact same size as a Grain of Rice -HELP!!! -If you have not heard anything -if I find out anything in the near future -I will let you know!
: Thanks,
: Alyson (S.C.)
: PS -Do yall have a septic tank?? -We do -I wonder if it's related to these worm things???

: : I have these long, thin, black worms in my shower. I thought they might be drain fly larvae, but they are longer than the drain flys described in other posts, and I'v never noticed flys in the bathroom. They can be 2 inches when unfurled. They move quickly too. When I pick them up they practically fall apart in a gelatinous goo. Help!!!! I am ready to sell my house.

I was just informed that they are Drain Fly Larvae that are the larvae of "Moth-Flies" and they are hard to get rid of -you have to deep clean your drains in your shower & sink with something even stronger than bleach (try Bio-Gel and/or Drain-Gel??? -These are the 2 products that were recommended to me! I hope that helps!

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