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Re: Bathroom worms SOLVED!!!

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Posted by Artie pco on April 22, 2006 at 00:12:46:

In Reply to: Bathroom worms SOLVED!!! posted by Amy on April 21, 2006 at 21:05:06:

: I had small, black worms in my shower, and I have finally gotten rid of them. The worms were about 1/2" long and kept reappearing despite killing them and scrubbing my bathroom with every strong cleaner I could find. I also had these little black moths in my bathroom. Turns out the worms were the larva stage of the moths. The moths are also known as drain flies and they were breeding in my drains. I got rid of them by spraying a flying insect killer in the room and using a drain cleaner in both my shower and sink. This process had to be repeated before I was completely moth/worm free. Good luck!!!


Drain/fungus flies are not moths. There are species that look like tiny moths but flies are flies. Whatever you have, if they are breeding and living in your drains they are feeding on orgnaic matter that grows on the insides of your pipes and you need special products to eliminate this growth without harming your pipes. Bio-gel and Drain-Gel are two that I use in a commercial sports club account of mine along with several bars but the only ones that completely eradicate the situation are the accounts that use it by-the-book. These chemicals come with self measuring lines so it's easy to pour the correct ammount. After they are gone and the problem is solved I recommend using it very sparingly as a preventive measure but ask a plumber what you are using and the material your pipes are made of. Don't short-cut and use bleach for it's bad on pipes and does little in the nature of eating away organic matter that enzymes will do without costly plumbing bills. Good luck.

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