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Re: tiny dark brown bugs in kitchen cabinet

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Posted by Drew on October 28, 2005 at 21:09:37:

In Reply to: tiny dark brown bugs in kitchen cabinet posted by Andrea on October 25, 2005 at 14:36:38:

There are many such pests that "arrive" via foodstuff or are in your environment already but the first way (stowaways)is usually the way they get in your cabinets. Without seeing them it's impossible to tell you the name but you have some sort of "pantry pest." To get rid of them isn't too hard as long as the're not all over your home and just in the cabinets as you stated. First, get a large, thick garbage bag and be ready to throw foodstuufs away. Usually they are amoung cerial or spices so toss them out. As you take your food out, toss everything in boxes that might harbor the insect or it's eggs, larva, etc. Anything in jars make sure you wash them off and put them away from your cabinets. Do this until your cabinets are empty. Now, without an exterminator have a can of residual pesticide handy. First, take some watered down bleach and clean the cabnets from top to bottom, making sure your getting all the larva, eggs and any bugs. Take the PAPER TOWELS and throw them away - OUT of your home. Now, spray the cabinets making sure you're getting into the crevices and let it dry for a few hours depending on the type of pesticide. (I'm an exterminator and have NO IDEA what out there in the stores) It can be water or oil base. When puting your foods back make sure they are washed clean and replace everything. While at it and to make sure you didn't leave anything behind, wipe down your counters, appliances and wash the floor with bleach and water. You should be good to go. PS: a lot of people, no matter what I say will want to bomb the area. If you do, make sure the pilot lights are off and MORE is not better when using bombs. In the future, check boxes in the store for any damage. There are many ways pests get into homes and hitchhiking is one way. Just be careful and use common sense. Better yet, Don't. We exterminators need the money and will be more than happy to lighten your pockets. Just joking! PS: Wear gloves and good luck!

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