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Re: tiny black worms in my toilet!!!

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Posted by Concerned Toilet User on October 17, 2005 at 03:14:42:

In Reply to: Re: tiny black worms in my toilet!!! posted by G on September 03, 2005 at 20:28:21:


We came back after a three week holiday and noticed a bit of black gunk came out from under the lip when we flushed at first; scarcely noticed.

Then, six weeks later, noticed a wriggling black worm maybe 1.5cm (roughly half an inch) thrashing around on the bowl. We naturally thought we had a worm parasite!

We cleaned under the lip of the toilet bowl using rubber gloves and Q-tips to clean the gunk out, and found a small colony of these worms. It's a hard to get to place that isn't properly flushed by the toilet mechanism (since nothing would usually be there). Using a countainer was splashed up disinfectant and boiling water until the gunk and the worms stopped coming out.

We *had* noticed something that looked a lot like the drainfly occasionally flitting around the toilet. One day I saw one flip under the lip and jump back out after 15 seconds.

Went through all the pictures of parasitic worms and none matched. So I'd say in our case, tiny black worms about 1.5 cm long (they do look a bit like like a leech), were indeed drainfly.

NOTE: The little flies "seen in the area" looked like this:

NOTE: What we saw didn't look like these larvae:
Ours were small black and looked vaguely leachlike, but smaller and *much* thiner. This matches one other posters description.
(Sorry, should have photographed it)

The good news is while they may have been wriggling close to comfort whenever you've been taking a no 2 (ugh), at least they didn't come out of you and while the flies could potentially carry bacteria, they're otherwise dangeous. Take comfort, and flush them out with disinectant/bleach/hot water.

(To e-bug.net, thanks, we were worried too!)

We are in Australia. Seems them little critters are everywhere.

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