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Posted by William the Great on October 12, 2005 at 19:44:41:

In Reply to: Re: Biting Mites I HAVE THE CURE!! posted by Laurece on September 21, 2005 at 15:30:08:

: Sorry, Bull shity product and company,,,no way JOSE!

wrod out, don't waist your money here!!,,not cheap, not work!

The ONLY solution known to cure the biting mite problem is a product called "Enzyme Cleaner (with peppermint)" from http://naturalginesis.com . The mite photos below are at this website.

: Let me give you a little background about it that I've researched over the net. The inventor came up with an non-toxic, organic enzyme (derived from molasses) that mites produce naturally when it is time to molt (shed) their exoskeleton (happens naturally 5 times during their life span). This enzyme triggers the mite's shell to start "unzipping" and in a short time they start drying out internally and die. The mites can never evolve a defense against the enzyme since their bodies produce it naturally (at shell shedding times). When the inventor tried to market the stuff he was sued by the pesticide assiciation(s) to keep it off the market and to prevent him from advertising it as a pesticide. In other words, the big companies saw this guy getting all their "pretend" mite-killing business because his stuff worked and theirs didn't so they put the legal kybosh on him. You'll notice that although this is advertised as a cleaning solution (I wouldn't advise attempting to seriously clean anything with it), the website has much information on parasitic bugs, yet the enyzme cleaners at his website specifically do not metion that they can be used as a pesticides. Searching deep enough into Internet sources however, it is mentioned that this cleaning solution should never be sprayed anywhere you'd like beneficial bugs (flowerbeds, etc.) because it will kill every last bug in there.

: Now about the product. It's like a very very weak soap solution (will barely make bubbles) and has a faint peppermint fragrance. It's non-toxic and you can spray it on your bedding, clothes, and just about anywhere else you're not going to eat off of. The stuff seems to evaporate about twice as fast as water (to help dry out the bugs faster??) and I'm assuming that due to something in the peppermint.

: I live in Southern Ga. My infestation came into the house via some (expensive!) wicker furniture I bought from Pier One. Probably got them from some bird/rat infested shack in an Asian jungle where they were made. I've had the infestation for about a year (tossed out about $1700 in furnitures around the house) and just discoved http://naturalginesis.com about a month ago. Thank God!, for FINALLY getting some relief!!

: The stuff isn't cheap (16 oz. for $19.95, 32 oz. for $32.00, 128 oz. for $75.00) but it goes a very long way. I mix 1/4 cup (e.g. 2 oz.) in a one gallon sprayer of water. I removed the clothes from my dressers and sprayed each piece individually (esp. the seams) with the enzymes and washed them (same for all linens). I removed all the drawers from my dressers and sprayed everything inside and out along with any other wooden furniture in the room. After sunset I put a heating pad in the middle of the room with recently worn clothes on it to attract the critters (they're attracted to perspiration and pubic area odors it seems) and sprayed the room's floors and walls with the enzymes. It does kill the bugs within a few seconds but they MUST come in contact with the liquid (even if only crawling damp surfaces). Dried (and slightly damp?) residue doesn't seem to affect them. I bought a quart and still have half left and I've been spraying for weeks.

: The mites only come out after sunset. They love the pubic areas of the body (as if you haven't noticed). The mites love burrowing into sewn seams (furniture, clothing, linens, beddings, curtains) so when spraying these items, concentrate on the seams. Infested objects (no matter how many times you washer/dryer them) WILL infest any cloth/wood objects it comes in contact with. Keep infested clothes/linens apart from non-infested furniture/cloth objects! A suggestion is to keep uninfested clothes/linens in one of those huge (10-15 gallon?) tubberware tubs with a snap-on lid you can buy at the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart etc. until you're sure your home is bug free. The mites can not climb smooth surfaces or crawl across Vaseline. Putting a thin ring of Vaseline around the legs of uninfested beds and furniture will prevent them from crawling up and infesting them. Until the infestation is cured, putting your furniture legs on/in an object with smooth surfaces (plastic bottles with sides cut off very short?) is another thought. The mites are able to crawl up your walls and can infest your curtains and picture frames. They are also probably inside your wall outlets and baseboards as well. The biggest breeding ground and hiding place in your house is your carpet. For seemingly incurable infestations, the BEST thing to do is to replace your carpet with a solid surface flooring and use throw rugs.

: As I was writing this, I did some more surfing and came across http://www.heartlandnatural.com/Household/bugarrest/index.htm
: This seems to be the very same enzyme solution but at about 1/2 the price mentioned above. When I get ready to run out of "Enzyme cleaner with peppermint" I'm going to order the Bug Arrest from HeartLandNatural.com. My only guess is that the pesticide companies haven't caught up the guy at HeartLandNatural for marketing the enzyme as a pesticide. Hurry up and buy before they try to quell him too....:)

: This stuff will not cure an infestation like waving a magic wand but if you stick with a stict "non-reinfestation" regieme it will eventually get rid of them. P.S. I'm not rid of mine yet, but I'm making progress. GOOD LUCK!


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