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Re: tiny black bugs look like poppy seeds

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Posted by JS on September 12, 2005 at 20:14:42:

In Reply to: Re: tiny black bugs look like poppy seeds posted by Debra on September 05, 2005 at 13:37:13:

: Hi, these are some kind of mite I have been suffering for 4mo. now they get under the skin and bite and bite! and are very hard to get rid of, I am still fighting the battle, doctors are NO help they tell you that you have delusional parasitis but in realality, they just do not know these bugs are real and they will in fest your whole house if you see them now start exterminating! because they are hard to get rid of! I believe that it has to do with a certain chemistry in your system or a reaction to certain meds like pain killers, I am still investagating, good luck!

Hi,I have mites also rodent mites from mice that hitched a ride from my deseased mother house & scabies also & now a skin worm.I have been fighting them since last October & they are worst now.Why did you say you think they might be from certain meds like pain killers because I am on big time pain killers?I do think they have a preferance for woman over men or just a certain sent because I got them first & my husband didn't get nothing until April 7 months later.I'm about ready to call the health dept.because I live in apt.& I asked the landloard for new carpeting & got no wheres so far.I have something that appears to look like an ash & is very easy to smash & has what looks like a black ash with white strips but varies in size from a coffee grind to a speck nothing like a scabie or mite.It looks like a bird dropping.Does anyone know what it could be they are in my carpeting & some how get on my bed & my arms.I see them on my bed and press on them & it leaves a black streak like a cigarette ash.We were bombing but it made my parrot very sick & us too.3 1/2 hrs is not long enought if you have pets.So I just might call a professional exterminator & see if they can rid my apt. of these bugs.My arms & upper back are really bit up.I heard that bed bugs bite your arms & upper back but I would of seen them by now I HOPE.This is the worst year of my life, can anyone help me?JS

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