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Do I have Fleas? Mites? Or is it something else?

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Posted by jim on August 21, 2005 at 18:54:42:

My wife and I have been getting bit by what I think are fleas. But, I am not really sure. Usually happens when sitting on a certain couch or in our bed. Yeah kinda gross. We are very clean people and just had a flea treatment done in our house. That did not do jack. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats who always seem to have fleas. I treat them with flea medicine religously.. but does not really work. We live in NC in a sort of wooded area. Anyway, my wife gets bit much more than I do.. tiny little red marks. I hardly get bit.. but I feel the little rascals much more than she does. I think I feel them more because I have more body hair then she does. Now, I am not nuts, but I can often feel something jumping or moving on my head, leg or arm hair .. but when I look .. nothing. Are some fleas or baby fleas microscopic? When I feel the area I just felt movement I can feel something that is the size of a grain of salt and can often find a tiny black thing (size of this period .) on my leg or arm after I feel something moving. Much smaller then a flea and has no wings. I guess it looks like flea dirt.. but how could something that I can not even see leave a poop that is very visible? Or is this tiny black thing a mite???? Something else weird that I notice is that I find sort of silky hair .. that is much thinner and fragile than human hair and sort of has the texture of a cobweb left behind by this mystery bug. Another clue is that I can often feel them moving in my hair on my head and when I shower while I feel them moving around up there as soon as water touches my hair it becomes extrememly sticky.

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