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Vinegar to catch mites?

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Posted by Gin on June 19, 2005 at 01:02:22:

In Reply to: Re: Invisible Bugs for 7 months...NEED HELP! posted by Jimmy on June 15, 2005 at 17:30:27:

Where did you get the idea to catch mites with vinegar? Are they attracted to vinegar?

: : : : : : : I read this & thought "Did I write this"? My boyfriend & I moved into our apt. in January & have been having the same problem until recently I caught the little SOB's. An exterminator told me over the phone that it sounds like spider mites. Try setting some glue traps thats how I caught them, you'll need a magnifying glass or even a microscope to see the lil' bastards, but I saw them & then one night, when I was just sitting on our bed watching TV I felt something bite me, I looked real fast a saw the lil' bastard wondering, they are so tiny but their bite is big and such a HASSLE!!!! We have bombed like 5 times with the bombs you can get at Home Depot but after 2 weeks they always come back, we got rid of our original bed & couch. Now were sleeping on the living room floor & have been for a week. I can't even bring myself to go in the bedroom for but a minute or so! My landlord has dropped off more bombs & some kind of spray. We'll see how that works but this is definitely horrible! Good luck!!!!

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: : : : : : : : First, thanks to anyone who reads this! I am so frustrated and this is site has been a great resourse. My boyfriend moved into our place in LA 7 months ago. The previous tenent was a drug dealer and generally weird guy. A few nights after we moved in, I started waking up with bug bites (resembling mosqiuto bies), my boyfriend of course did not. We started closing the door more, thinking it was mosquitos, seeing as those were the only bugs we were seeing. That helped for a bit, but then the bites started getting worse. At one point I had 15 bug bites all over my body, mostly on my stomach, legs and back. I always wake up with these bites, and when I spend a few nights away from our place, I won't get new bites (so i know it's not my detergent or in my head.) Anyway, we got rid of our bed and checked for signs of bugs, especially bed bugs, but found no signs of anything: no shed skin, no blood or "sweet smell", no larvae and NO BUGS! Our landlord replaced our carpet with tile and we've been sleeping on the floor or on the couches for the past 2 months. I am still getting bit, but far less than I was. I really just wish I could find a bug. I feel stinging sensations at night and try to catch the culprit but never can find anything. But I will wake up with a bite in that spot in the morning. We have really been going crazy and spending a lot of money to find out what is biting me. We want to get a new bed so we don't have to sleep on couches anymore but I don't want that bed to become infested too. I washed the pillows and sent the comforter to the dry cleaners. In 7 months of looking we have found nothing. I know it's not fleas because my family had those and I know what that's like. Since we haven't found anything, could they be mites? The previous tenant WAS a shady dirty guy. How would we go about finding out if we do have mites since they are so small? Do I have to go to a doctor and get a skin scraping? I would appreciate any feedback or other ideas as to what I am dealing with here. Thanks!!

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: : : : : : Please do not bomb and expose yourself to unecessary pesticides in your system. Consult an exterminator or look up right here on this forum for information on how to deal with Bedbugs.

: : : : : Thanks but I do NOT have bed bugs they are def. mites, I caught them. I don't want to expose myself to these pesticides but I NEED to get rid of these mites! Do you know where I could send the ones I caught to be "looked at"? I live in

: : : : NJ, actually right outside of Philadelphia, PA.

: : : : Kristy, spider mites do not bite people they do however feed on plants that is mostly where you will find them. Even spiders do not go out of their way to bite people unless they are disturbed. Call your local health department and see if they can direct you to where you might bring your specimen. A note of caution, Bedbugs are just a recent pest problem, most exterminators are not experienced in how to look like for them or how to control them. If you do find they are bedbugs make sure you get someone who is experienced in fighting them. Bedbugs can be very small they are not necessary big until they have reached an adult stage.

: : : : Good Luck!

: : : Thanks, I just got off the phone with an exterminator and they told me I could bring the specimen in there to be examined. I'll be there waiting for them to open in the AM tomorrow for sure!!!

: : You might be dealing with Bird or Rat mites. I have been having the same problem for the past month. It started out as itching in bed & then in other places in the house with no signs of a bug. I got small red bites on my arms, neck, chest, face, feet, legs. I thought I was going crazy until I put out cups of vinegar around the house & a few days later they were filled with tiny tiny brown specks. The exterminator said they are bird mites. The dermatologyst put it on a slide & said it is a mite. Looks like a piece of dirt. I am going to a specialist in a few days to identify for sure. Find A Very Good Exterminator.

: I have been suffering this bug for two years, I have the same situation as yours, the max bites I got were 10. I am wondering if your boyfriends get bites too? Nobody got bites in my house except me. I did the allergy testing, and all negative, just to make sure I don't allergy the dust mite, and so on. I am living in New York City. The situation is better during the winter, the worst is the summer. I find a temp solution to deal with it, better nothing. I keep my clothes in the plastic bag after laundry, after I wear it, I will never wear it again. I heat the blanket and the comforter in the laundry dry machine twice a week. I slept on the air-bed.

: I donít know if an exterminator can help, have anyone of you tried that? Please me know if you find a solution to deal with this bug. I think itís Bedbug, I saw it once, looks like this:

: http://www.who.int/docstore/water_sanitation_health/vectcontrol/ch23.htm#b6-Repellents

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