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tiny black bugs that fly and bite

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Posted by sarah on June 12, 2005 at 04:53:52:

I have been getting bitten by these extremely small black bugs. They land on me and are very hard to kill! I try to and they just fly away sometimes before i even can try to kill it.. like its that fast you know??? If i even try to smoosh it though.. it still flies away usually! I stopped turning the lamp on near the window because i was finding them dead at the base of the lamp and i thought they might be coming in that window! Now i have started to see them in other places in the house.. like on the wood floor downstairs! At first it was a couple of bites i found here and there.. at first its raised just a little and light pink.. then over a few days turning into a dark red flat spot! Its getting worse and last week i had about 20 of these bites on my side one day when i woke up! They seem to bite anywhere though.. i have had them on my arms.. lower legs and sides! Does anyone know what they are and how do i get rid of them?

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