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tiny grayish bugs around windows

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Posted by Jim on June 05, 2005 at 00:50:42:

Every window in our house is crawling with these tiny bugs. They're between 3-4mm in length and they appear grayish with the naked eye. They have antennae and they jump like fleas when you try to squash them. We also have a sliding glass door in our kitchen, and the track that it slides on is covered with these little bugs. They seem to be limited to windows, doors, and places where there's water like the kitchen sink. Since they are so small, I couldn't take a decent picture of one to include in this email. However I was able to scan one of these bugs and I've included a scanned image of each side of the bug. The bug that I scanned was 3mm in length not including the antennae. I was quite a bit surprised to see that the color of the bug in the scanned image was not gray. I suppose the scanner could have altered the bug's color, but I used a brand new Epson scanner. The images below are about 10 times the actual size. What kind of bug is it, and how can I get rid of them safely? Most of the infestation is in our kitchen so I need a product that's safe to use in a kitchen.

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