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what are these tiny bugs??

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Posted by jim on April 21, 2005 at 10:38:25:

Not sure where these things came from and I have no idea what it is. Initially I felt a little movement in my hair one night while in bed...went to the bathroom mirror and tried to shake out what I thought was a tic that had jumped off my dog. As I was running my fingers thru my hair I could feel things falling on my body but could not see anything. I felt a tiny pin prick on my shoulder and saw a small red mark that drew a little blood. I went back to sleep and in the morning I did not feel anything anymore. Well aware that only crazy people experience bugs that are invisible I convinced myself this was a dream.

As time went on, on occasion I would feel the movement in my hair at night. I would shake and shake but see nothing, and when I would jump in the shower and shampoo my hair, my hair would become sticky and bristly. At this point I figured I had lice.. but that was not it.

The amount of movement in my hair grew as time went on, and was happening more frequently.

Now this is the weird part. Initially the bugs were only an issue at home while in bed.. and not every night. Eventually I would feel the bugs sometimes while sitting on a certain couch .. then would notice them while sitting on a certain chair.. now it can happen anywhere. For instance, I might not feel the bugs for a week or so, then while out to dinner my whole head gets infested with the little guys. Now I know I am not nuts cause usually someone next to me will start to to feel the bugs too and complain of an itchy head.

Well I have no clue what is goin on .. but here are some other observations-information which may explain where these things came from.

I have a dog. (initially thought fleas but too small)
I had bats in my attic that were removed. (Mites??)
I notice lots of what looks like dust particles on my clothes and in my hair.
When showering while feeling movement in my hair my hair becomes bristly.
I have also noticed that when using chemicals or something scented while feeling movement in my hair I can taste the fragrance.
If I smoke while feeling the movement, the cigarette has a bad taste and burns unevenly and creates a ton of smoke.

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