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Tiny round black bug... can't figure out what it is.

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Posted by aistra on April 12, 2005 at 05:55:01:

I've been noticing some bugs lately that I've never seen before. If anyone thinks they might know what these are, I'd really appreciate it. Characteristics: They very small (not head of a pin small, more like head of a craft needle small (14-12 gauge). They appear to be black, but might have some gray on them as well. They have no discernable head, their shape is round to slightly oval, the legs are underneath a dome-shaped body, not splayed like a roach, I'm not certain of the number of legs because they're too small to count. Even as small as they are, they do crunch, so I'd say their dome is a bit of a shell. I live Washington state, near the coast. My apartment is brand new. I'm the first occupant and most of the site is still under construction. I suppose I could have brought them with me from California, but I never saw one in California. Again, any help would be very, very appreciated.

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