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Tiny brown/dark red bugs about 1m/m with 6 legs?

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Posted by red bug guy on March 25, 2005 at 19:04:25:

I had thought these were bed bugs about a year ago and had an exterminator spray my apt for them. They are tiny roundish tear shaped dark red/brownish bugs, almost bean shaped and large flea looking, which crawl very slow and show up all over my apt. They appear in the day as well as night. I moved from that apt last July and transfered all clothing and belongings in sealed plastic bags. The furniture I brought along was very minimal and had been sprayed. That was a basement apt, by the way. I temporarily atayed at another place for 2 months, and after a week or so I found a few of these buggers in the basement there. I finally moved from there, and lo and behold, these little bastards were found within days. Not sure if I brought them along o9r if they were here already. I sprayed my bed and bedroom, in case they are bedbugs , with industrial bedbug and lice killer. I didn't notice them throught the winter, save for a stray here and there every other month, and it was usually a dead one, and in the bathroom. I have noticed a few around my bed though, and although I don't see any large bits, I do have tiny red dots on my legs and thighs which I just figured must be pimples. I live in Brooklyn, if that info helps as well.....
Anyone know what these bugs might be and what to do about them????

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