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Posted by Shirley Werner on December 28, 2004 at 02:51:42:

In Reply to: NO MORE BUGS IN MY NOSE AND EARS, WHAT A RELIEF posted by Joanne on November 12, 2004 at 00:09:26:

: Mia, I dont know if you have what I have but I belong to a group of ladies on the internet who have this bite thing going on and here is what we all have done:

: and it works---I noticed a big difference when I bought this enzyme spray.

: These bugs got in my hair burrowed under my scalp and hatched eggs and I could not get them out, for two mo I tried it all then Penny told me to use Selsun medicated blue for my hair and IT WORKED. HEY TIM, TRY THIS IF YOU ARE READING IT. NO MORE BUGS IN MY NOSE, ETC.

: i dont know how desperate you are, but if all i had were bites, i would use this enzyme, this is how mine started with bed bugs biting me and i had red dots all over my body. I spray everything everyday, sheets etc. e mail me and i will tell you what i do with it. Also, these bugs like women mostly.

: FROM PENNY:Penny has been doing ‘A recipe for killing parasites’ for 14 months and it has been the cure for her.She is not selling these products and hopes they will help you too. Penny has spent hours upon hours researching for her own benefit and wants to share with everyone as she has learned a lot about these things. There is no quick cure to date, but she feels this will work because it worked for her, IF you will stick with it. Penny wants to know if she can help any further and said: “God bless you with good health”. Penny Your friend in Florida, HugsJPRoder@aol.com

: FROM JOANNE:I want to thank Penny for all of her hard work and for sharing her research with us.Logic is that you are going to spend money on something, why not spend it on these items so the disease will not get worse. Would you agree, getting to the root of the problem is the key?I am definitely going to start doing this regime as I am certain it will work-- 10-08-04

: A Recipe for Killing Parasites

: The Liquid Ionic Copper, Silver and Pomegranate Extract w/ 40% Ellagic acid are the main ingredients, and the most important to killing off parasites.

: MOST IMPORTANT!!!EVERYONE must be treated in your house at the same time, even your pets. Those who are experiencing feelings of, itching, crawling, and biting on your skin, are infested and should follow these items below:

: www.kornax.com--- Water Oz Extra Strength Liquid IONIC SILVER--- 2 T after a meal in the AM.(This is a natural antibiotic to kill any bacteria the parasites have left in your body, it serves as an immune system booster. A nutritionist told me “Not to worry, you won’t turn blue or gray!”) I buy mine online at Kornax.com. It is hard to find in local health food stores. Kornax is actually cheaper than Water Oz company even though it is still the Water Oz brand). www.kornax.com---- Water Oz Extra Strength Liquid IONIC COPPER--- 2 T after a meal in the PM. (This mineral will kill the parasites in your body as they hatch. Your body will naturally start to purge DEAD parasites. Continue to take the Liquid Ionic Copper until every last one has exited your body. DO NOT TAKE COPPER TABLETS; they can become toxic to the body over an extended period. THIS IS NOT AN OVER NIGHT KILL. It could take 2 years depending on the amount of your infestation. It will be worth the effort. I buy mine from Kornax.com, also).

: Health food stores----

: Pomegranate Extract W/ Ellagic Acid—2 Caps each day with a meal(You can get this through most local health food stores. It works as a natural pesticide for the body, and kills cancer cells, I am told. I added the Pomegranate Extract to my Copper and Silver mineral regimen many months later when I found out about it, and noticed a even quicker purge. I will use it forever to maintain being parasite-free). Use Vaseline or any antibiotic ointment, or anti-fungal ointment to grease up pores To grease up your pores so that the parasites can exit easily, you will have less lesions, as they exit. My experience was, if a lesion formed, there was usually a nest of them coming out. The lesion would heal once all the parasites purged out of it Those who are experiencing feelings of, itching, crawling, and biting on your skin, are infested and should add these items below to the above main ingredients. This will ease your symptoms as you continue to purge your parasites.

: 1-2 cups of 20 Mule Team BORAX Laundry BoosterAdded to your bath water, soak for 30-45 minutes to soak the Dead parasites out of your pores, and to ease the itchy crawly feeling. Wash your laundry in this also, to kill them in your clothing and bed linens.

: Safe2use.com--- -----Enzyme Cleaner W/peppermint (non toxic) Diluted with water in a spray bottle as suggested on the bottle, works to clean everything in your home and on the exterior of your body. Works great to wash out your eyes, ears, nose, any private parts, and to soothe your skin from the crawly feelings. It is non-toxic and I found it did not burn my eyes. Wonderful product to have around the home.

: BOUNCE Fabric Softener Sheets Worked great to kill them in the dryer. I put these under my bed linens, in my dresser drawers, and in my shoes, anywhere to keep down the parasite population. Plus, I found the fragrance to be very nice.

: AIR PURIFER with Ionic SettingWal-Mart sells an air purifier with an ionic setting for about $30. it works good to get them out of the air as they leave your body.

: MOST IMPORTANT!!!EVERYONE must be treated in your house at the same time, even your pets. Open a capsule of Pomegranate Extract and add some to your pets water dish every day. Just enough to color their drinking water a little. It works!

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