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Posted by e on December 18, 2004 at 02:35:47:

In Reply to: Re: TINY WORM-LIKE CREATURES- INFESTATION!!!!! posted by e on December 17, 2004 at 23:20:43:

I'm afraid I didn't quite read your article closley enough, larvae of Indian meal moths (I think )look more like little caterpillars, or maggots -- your critters are much smaller.

One site answers the question: What are these little round bugs all over my kitchen?

They said it's most likely:
--rice weevils
--grain beetles
--drug store beetles
--cigarette beetles
they mention that the drug store beetle is the most common, a dull reddish brown color, about 1/10 inch long. So that one may not be it.

Another source said refered to Grain mites (or mites in general) and something called a Psocid , they also said that book lice can sometimes infect stored food, especially under humid conditions.

As for me, I started this post over an hour ago an forgot that I never sent it --- I found many sources of the food for our Indian meal larvae -- in our house they guilt-iest item was a buttermilk pancake mix, which was probably years old, whose plastic had been opened, and not even rolled up, and some sweetened flour was on the bottow -- such an easy target! From there they liked the brown rice, and nuts.

I hope I got them all!!

good lick to all,
And let us know what those little buggers are!~

: It does sound similar to Indian Meal Moths, I was looking up info about the moths in our house. the caterpillars you mentioned sound just like an Indian Meal moth caterpillar. But have you seen any little 1/2 moths flying about or on the walls? If you have, than that may definitely be it. If not, still a mystery!

: A section in this article discusses Indian Meal moths (as well as other kitchen pests):
: http://lancaster.unl.edu/food/ftoct03.htm

: Good Luck!

: : : : There are thousands of tiny, beige worm-like grain of sand sized creatures that have taken over my kitchen. The samples have been sent to a lab and THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE!!!! It's been a week since I could eat in my kitchen. Raid, bleach, Lysol, Mr. Clean and even George Foreman's are no match for the suckers.

: : : : Every day I wipe them up and spray things down. I've cleaned all my appliances numerous times, the pest control people have sprayed, I've used BOMBS...nothing can kills these crazy bugs!!!

: : : : They are so small that you can't see antenae or legs. I think they are worms/larvae or somthing totally bizarre from Asia. ($1 store purchase, maybe?)

: : : : I am DESPERATE for any help, advice, any one can give to help. Even to just to slow their propagation. THANK YOU!

: : I don't have them but I have been doing some research on a similar problem (little black worms that get underneith the shampoo bottles in the bottom of our shower) and our local science teacher told us that it could be millers so go look up miller and moths, because it sounds like what you have in your kitchen......

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