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bites at night - my partner not bitten!!

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Posted by Mia on November 11, 2004 at 17:42:44:


: i get little bites at night. my fiance tim does not seem to get them, neither our roommate angelo - and thats what really gets me confused as to what could cause it!
: i moved in with them about 6 months ago and this has happened ever since. i don't think i got them before i moved in here (or if i did probably when i stayed here at night), and at first i just thought they were mosquito bites or occasional spider bites.
: it seems to be getting worse, before i only used to get them every once in a while, now the last few nights i have been getting one every night (currently i seem to have three).
: i often get them on my fore-arms (near wrists) or upper inner thighs (!) and last night i just got one on my right tit/ cleavage!
: the bites itch and are small (1-2 mm) and never seem to do any damage or swell/ infect until i itch them so the skin bursts. the one i have on my right thigh had a tiny black spot in the center (now it's scratched and has a red scab); i havn't kept track to see if that's how it always is. the other two are redish (fresh 'pre-scratched').
: i live in vancouver, southwestern canada. it is mild fall weather here now, 10-15 degrees celcius.
: it seems to have been more noticeable in the spring and fall, less in the summer.
: i have no clue - could this be mites or spiders or body lice? i have found no traces of bugs other than spiders from a tree just outside our bedroom window.
: i often leave my clothes on the floor (yes, a bad habit i could change!) and spiders/ whatever could be in my pj:s for example and bite when i'm sleeping.
: i will try the tape on the bed legs, that's a great idea. also vacuum under bed and see if we find any nests of something.
: more concerned about the mattress - do you buy that plastic wrap in a bed shop or linen shop or where?
: curious to know if anyone else has had a similar problem and know how to get rid of it!
: thanks for reading!
: mia

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