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Worms in Bed? Please Enlighten me ........

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Posted by Claud on October 08, 2004 at 00:44:41:

Hi how are you? I am writing in regard to a situation in my apartment. My cat recently had fleas and I gave her "Revolution" medication as well as 2 Flea baths. Just yesterday I had an exterminator in my apartment to treat the fleas and the house was bombed. I was out of the house for 4 hours. There were no visible signs of fleas in the home, however I just wanted to be safe.

While stripping my mattress before the exterminator arrived I noticed "WORMS." They were on the bottom mattress in between the top and bottom. There weren't many and they were dead. One was orange and the other was black and white striped. VERY TINY. I just threw out the bedding and figured everything will be fine now the exterminator is coming.
Well, just tonight as I am lying on my bed I notice a little worm on my pillow!!!!! It was very tiny, like the size of an ant and I used a magnifying glass to check it out more clearly. It is black and taupe striped. This is totally freaking me out and I am going to sleep on my couch tonight as well as clean the bedding and vacuum under the bed. PLEASE HELP me in figuring out what these are and where they came from? What can I do to rid of them and is there anything I can purchase from your website for this problem?

Also, one other question please. Can a human contact anything from their pet cat if it had fleas? Also, my pet had worms in the stool so the vet gave her medicine. Can I catch anything from that since I clean her litter and what would the symptoms be on me? Please Help. Thank you very much for your time, it is greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day and a blessed tomorrow. Take care.

Sincerely concerned about these pests.


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