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Posted by dawnzig on September 08, 2004 at 02:02:34:

In Reply to: Re: BIRD MITE INFESTATION STRATEGIES posted by Mike on August 31, 2004 at 12:08:29:

Thanks both of you for posting! I can relate. As for the mites/tics/whatever they are in the hair - I notice with myself that only occasionally are they in my hair or on my scalp - most frequently arms, shoulders, stomach, etc. That's when I shampoo w/Head 'n Shoulders (blue bottle) that has the strong sulfur in it - then they're gone (til the next time).
I, too, use the enzyme & borax, which helps but isn't a permanent fix, for sure. Now am moving to the Ben Gay/Noxema stage, as per "William the Great!"
Best to you~

: Thank you very much Tim for posting your findings
: and what has worked for you. My wife and I can
: certainly sympathize with what you have gone thru.

: My wife is a cosmetologist (hair stylist) with 30
: plus years of experience. She is seeing this on
: her clients when they come into the salon she
: works in! The white debris or specks look like
: lice, but using a Rid like product does not work.
: Like Tim said, the products with pyrethrin
: in them do not work on these mites.

: What we have noticed is there are people out
: there that have "debris" on them, but are not
: affected by them or feel them like my wife and I.
: Perhaps the unfortunate, like Tim, my wife and I
: are "hosts" and that is why we are having such a
: hard time getting rid of them. Why aren't these
: other people out in our neighborhood, or clients of my wife's being affected by this? She mentioned
: that she saw evidence on one client and then the
: next time that person came into the salon, it was
: not on her head. Is it possible if you are not a
: "host" you are not affected by these mites?

: We just ordered another gallon of the Kleen Free
: Enzyme, which, for us has helped a lot, but not
: gotten rid of them completely. They are coming in
: from outside and I hope a hard freeze will kill
: them off outside.

: Good luck Tim and hang in there!

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