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Re: VERY tiny brown bugs that move slowly in kitchen

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Posted by Beverly on September 06, 2004 at 03:04:06:

In Reply to: Re: VERY tiny brown bugs that move slowly in kitchen posted by andrea on August 22, 2004 at 01:16:40:

Did you find out what these things are and what to do about them? I'm thinking I need a new refrigerator. I tried cleaning them and they came back. They are in my refrigerator and by the freezer. I've turned the fridge up to 5 and they still live. Any word would be truly appreciated. I'm wondering if my food is contaminated. I just put 2 weeks of groceries in there!!!


: : : Okay I have these barely visible brown bugs in my kitchen they are on the countertops and around our backsplash area and I have found a few randomly in the cubboards. They move very slowly you can barely tell they are bug unless you sit and watch them for a little while. You cant see any legs or anything. They are smaller than a flea and they look like a very small crumb or something when you look at them quickly. I can wipe my countertops into the sink and see them in our light colored sink. They dont fly or jump they just crawl along very slowly. What the heck are they?? And how do I get rid of them?? Thanks ~Meredith

: : We also have these same type of bugs. The strange thing about the bugs we are seeing is that they get inside the refrigerator/freezer...and still live! As with everyone else, any identification would be apprecieated.

: : Thanks.

: HEY! I totally have these things too. They are in my kitchen and bathroom. I told my landlord and she said they are from plants. But I don't have plants and I rarely open my windows. The exterminator won't be here for a few weeks though. Any advice? My landlord said to keep the air conditioner on because hers always die when that happens...but I don't believe her. I seem to notice more of them after it rains. Any suggestions??

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