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Re: very small black and white wormlike creatures

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Posted by skunk on August 01, 2004 at 21:59:44:

In Reply to: Re: very small black and white wormlike creatures posted by wendy on July 22, 2004 at 19:01:03:

: : my daughter found small black and white wormlike creatures in her bed. to me they looked like pinworms, but to dark. they are soo small that i couldnt see them until she picked one up and put it in my hand. ive looked and looked on the internet but the only thing i can find that might come close is flea larvea. I would appreciate any info i can get and thank you in advance.

suzie: i also am experiencing the same dilema as you. i found tiny black worms that look like they are tapered floating in the toilet. my symptoms are diareah, nightly anal itching,teeth grinding, insomnia, constant itching the nose, etc. i also keep coming to pinworms when trying to diagnos the problem... but most reports say that pinworms are white, when these are black or brown. i have seen a picture of a female pin worm and it seemed to be more on the dark brown side. and seeing how the female is the one that exits the anus to lay it eggs, it seems like a female would be the type you see in the toilet after doing your thing. i dont know if this will help you any, as i am in the same boat as you. however, if you have any more info on this "black pinworm", please e-mail me. -----skunk---

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