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Re: How long before bed bug bites appear??

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Posted by elise =o) on June 09, 2004 at 15:31:21:

In Reply to: Re: How long before bed bug bites appear?? posted by Chrissy on June 07, 2004 at 19:08:42:

Well, we ended our stay in nyc on june 1st, and three of my friends returned home later that day (and I came home on the 4th). One of them saw the first "bite" appear the next evening, and on the 3rd when she woke up saw a whole mess of them (so she thought it was hives at first, until the second of my friends broke out in the same thing the following day after). The third friend and I "broke out" in these bites on the fifth (although I did notice a few the day before--but I had thought it was fleabites!).

Weird, huh? So we all went to doctors, and for the most part, they agreed it has to be something we were exposed to together...probably during our last few days in NYC. I saw an allergy specialist and my regular internist, who both dismissed the notion of bugs because of the delayed reaction. The allergy doctor I saw thinks it's a virus we contracted--which makes enough sense except that we didn't have fevers and the "bites" are located mainly on just our arms, legs, and neck (and for just that reason my regular doctor thinks it *isn't* a virus).

My friend saw her doctor, who quickly diagnosed it as scabies (but all the other doctors we spoke to said "definitely NOT scabies!")...so she then saw her dermatologist, who said "bed bugs" was the answer...! And it makes sense somewhat, but it also *doesn't*...because I seem to agree that if it were bed bugs, we'd display bites immediately thereafter (and not days later!).

Oh, this is so perplexing!! Any more opinions?? We sure could use them!! And thanks a bunch for your opinion, Chrissy! =o)

~bewildered elise =o)

: I would say it's rather unlikely you have bedbugs. Although theoretically you could have carried some back in your luggage, if you weren't getting bitten during your trip, then I highly doubt you have them...The bites don't have a delayed reaction, you would be waking up with them each morning.

: Perhaps you guys ate something or were exposed to something upon returning that caused the allergy? How long have you been back?

: : hi,

: : I've just spent over 4 contiunous hours searching online for an explanation to these mysterious "bites" I have, and I'm still quite confused as to its origin! Let me explain... about 5 days ago, a bunch of my friends and I returned home from vacationing in new york city. there were seven of us total, four in one room and three in another--and strangely, since returning home, the four of us who shared a room have all broken out in a rash of "bites". they vary in size, from really tiny red dots to mosquito-like bumps (and they itch like mosquito bites, too!).

: : At first, we thought it might be bed bugs--we didn't see any, and there weren't any of the usual telltale signs of them, either (but that doesn't necessarily mean it *isn't* bed bugs, right?). what's puzzling is that we only started to break out now, *after* our vacation is over...is that consistent with the bed bugs theory?? I suppose my question is this: how long does it take before bed bug bites appear? (and if it *isn't* due to bed bugs...what the heck could it be?!)

: : thanks in advance for any thoughts on this matter! ;oP
: : ~elise =o)

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