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Posted by David on May 16, 2004 at 00:34:22:

In Reply to: Tiny Black Droppings posted by Juzer Mohammedshah on April 24, 2004 at 07:29:32:

I recently found tiny black droppings just as you described in my kitchen too. Most were under the sink and in cabinets with some even in drawers. I didn't want to use any type of poison because I was afraid the rodent would die somewhere behind my cabinets where I couldn't get to it and begin rotting. I wasn't very fond of a normal mouse trap either since I didn't want to deal with a dead and bloody creature. So instead, I found some traps at Home Depot for a few dollars that offer a simple and humane way to catch the little guys. It is a long narrow trap with a trap door on the front. Place some food inside the trap with the front door up and when the mouse or rat crawls inside, the trap will pivot forward and the door will fall down behind it trapping it inside. I placed some crackers in mine and within a couple days I had him. Once I had him in the trap, I made the mistake of opening it in my kitchen. I wanted to see what the rat looked like so I dumped him into a small trash can. I didn't know these things could jump so high and before I knew it, he was running across the floor and back under my cabinets. I put the trap back down and within 30 minutes, he got trapped again. This time I took it out to my backyard and released him. Hope this helps!

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