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Some pesticides cannot be shipped to NY, CT, SC, and CA or outside the lower 48 states. All aerosol cans must be shipped via UPS ground.

Welcome to e-Bug. We are a do-it-yourself pest control store that sells professional strength products to the general public. We sell products that will control almost any pest. Whether you have a flea problem or an infestation of powder post beetles, we have effective solutions for you. We are a specialty store, and many of the pest control products we sell may not be available locally.

Are you tired of buying diluted pesticides from your grocery store? Our stuff works! The products we sell are among the safest and most effective on the market and used by exterminators today. With the exception of some products labeled as "Restricted Use Only" in your state, you can use the same products.

We will solve your pest problems. We've been in business for over 29 years, and we've helped solve a multitude of problems involving many different types of pests. Experience has shown that do-it-yourself pest control can be more effective than professional exterminators, and it will save you money. Compare our prices with your local exterminator - you can save up to 70% by doing it yourself.

Carpenter Bee Kits

Carpenter Bee KitWe offer a complete solution to your carpenter bee problems! More information about this carpenter bee kit.

Carpenter Bee Kit

We offer two other carpenter bee elimination kits to meet your needs. This is the perfect kit for large outdoor jobs; more information about this kit.

Carpenter Bees

Our third kit, enough for medium to large jobs, and easy to apply, both inside and out. More information on this carpenter bee kit.


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